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Bring The 6 Types of Working Genius workshop to your members as a member benefit and unlock your members’ inherent talents and enable them to flourish both professionally and personally.

How it Works:

Better Teams, Better Results

We can help. Our Working Genius Certified Facilitator can help you and your members..

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Schedule a time to talk with a Certified Facilitator today. The cost to bring The 6 Types of Working Genius to your Chamber of Commerce is $4,500 + travel expenses.

If your Chamber of Commerce is an attendee of the 2023 CACCE Annual Management Conference, your cost is $3,500 + travel expenses.

A typical 4-hour professional development workshop can cost upwards of $350 – $500 per attendee. If you provide The 6 Types of Working Genius to your members at a rate of $249 per attendee and host just 40 attendees, you’re Chamber is generating $9,960 gross profit.

Working Genius Workshop

Professional development is crucial for a Chamber of Commerce as it fosters a culture of continuous learning within the business community. Offering this value-added benefit contributes significantly to the individual and collective growth of Chamber members, elevating their businesses and strengthening the community as a whole.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, providing access to high-quality professional development opportunities can empower your members to stay competitive and adaptable. It offers them a chance to sharpen their skills, gain new knowledge, and network with other professionals. By investing in their growth and success, your Chamber not only demonstrates a commitment to its members’ prosperity but also fosters a thriving business community that can attract and retain top talent, stimulate innovation, and ultimately contribute to the overall economic development of the region.

Professional development as a member benefit is a win-win, enhancing the skills and abilities of your members while strengthening your Chamber’s position as a vital resource and partner in their success.

Leadership Class

Introducing “The 6 Types of Working Genius” model to your Leadership classes can be a transformative addition to your curriculum. These tools offer invaluable insights and practical knowledge that are essential for emerging leaders in the business world.

“The 6 Types of Working Genius” model empowers class members to understand their unique strengths and preferences in the workplace, enabling them to harness their full potential in getting work done and become more effective leaders.

By integrating professional development programs into the curriculum, your Chamber of Commerce can equip your Leadership class members with the critical skills and understanding needed to excel in leadership roles, thereby contributing to the growth and success of their respective businesses and communities.

What Sets Working Genius Apart

First, its simplicity. The Working Genius model distills any kind of work down to six fundamental activities. And in relatively short order, it helps people identify the type of work that makes them thrive.

Second, Working Genius is the only tool of its kind that is actually applied to work. Most personality instruments help people better understand how they are wired, but fail to explain how that fits together with others in the process of work. Working Genius solves this problem. Not only do individuals walk away with a greater understanding of the type of work that makes them thrive, but Working Genius provides teams with a better way to think about their dynamics, projects, meetings and even their hiring.

Simply put, Working Genius is part personality assessment and part productivity tool for teams. And it is the simplest and fastest way to discover your gifts and transform your life.